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Exclusive Your Heart

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Ever since the establishment of A2Z Charity Organization in 2009, we have been working very hard helping the under privileged groups in various places particularly in Ipoh City 山城 and other places in the Perak State. Besides giving monetary helps to numerous orphans, the elderlies and children who need education fund, our voluntary team members have also brought in mentoring and skill guidance to those children along their learning pathway. In order to continue our noble mission by sharing 2LOVE in the public welfare activities, the association needs generous support and sponsorship from all private sectors including business organizations and individuals.

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID‑19) outbreak and spread speedy worldwide causing tremendous deaths, all nations in Malaysia in order to control the spread which we have no choice but to suffer with economic lockdowns, many of our association’s traditional strength of support is weakened due to their own financial burden. As it is our commitment to continue helping the under privileged groups, we must do our very best to seek breakthroughs and send out calls to all people or organizations in every part of the world via this online platform. We believe that regardless of any donation amount, all our new donors will certainly become the heat and light to bring new hopes to the needy.


Be part of something extraordinary by supporting and rallying behind 

our FUNDRAISING n’Shop and let us have 

YOUR LOVE 2LOVE on the noble road of helping 

the disadvantaged groups in the society.

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